With With Record Label A&R Joshua Dhall

     The music industry is a complex business, and most of the time we don’t get to see all that goes into the production, marketing, label business, etc. There are alot of people that work behind the scenes with your favorite artists and producers that play a huge role in the bigger picture of a musician's career, and a record label's success. Being an A&R is a role many people may not understand, but that didn’t stop Joshua Dhall from moving to Los Angeles to make his dreams a reality and begin working in the music industry.

     Joshua is now an A&R for The Revels Group and co-founder of Undeniable Management Service. He also picks up the camera to help with videography, on top of directing videos and doing digital marketing as well. But let's take it back to before the success.

     Like many people in their 20’s, Joshua's initial interest in music and hip hop in particular was Soulja Boy and T-Pain. Joshua started out doing videography and photography as a way to crack open the door to the music industry, and be backstage at concerts where he would then network and create opportunities for himself. Him and his business partner Jonathan Hicks, would go to shows together and work at their hometown studio developing and beginning to manage artists. Joshua said this was his favorite part of the journey, coming up with someone that was your business partner from the beginning and now making things happen at a high level.

     After growing success in management and various opportunities in the industry, many people close to Joshua still don’t understand what he does. When asked about a common misconception people had about him or what he does, he said: “It’s definitely my family, they just don’t understand it, which is ok because they grew up the traditional way with school then going straight to work so I get it but my Mom thinks I’m a producer in LA and I try to tell her what I do but she doesn’t get it yet lol.”

     Joshua Dhall has one of the coolest success stories in the music industry that I've seen, and is a great example for people that have a dream and are willing to work hard to be different and stick with it even when people might not understand. He reminds me of Lyrical Lemonade founder and director Cole Bennett, and will be someone to watch out for. He values quality relationships, and doing what you love and what makes you happy, which has brought him to where he is with all that lies ahead of him as well. 


Interview questions:

What’s a cool story or moment you’ve had in your profession?


“I don’t think I have a particularly cool moment or story because most of what I do is cool to me so I’m just blessed to not have to work a job like my old one where I used to hate to go into work everyday.”


What is your biggest motivation?


My biggest motivation is to be happy and do what I love and I know that people would love to do what I do so I never take advantage of it and work as hard as I can whenever I can so that I won’t ever have to look back and say “I could’ve done better”


Do you see yourself doing anything new or different in the near future in terms of working in the music industry?


“Anything can always happen especially when working everyday opportunities can be presented to you anytime, but I know what I need to continue to do everyday for me to progress and get to where I want to be in this industry so I just stay at it.”